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Online Distribution of accident reports is temporarily suspended.
Please check back with us for updates.
If you need assistance, please call the records office at 715 839-4984.
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Accident reports involving criminal charges and/or having additional officer narratives will not be posted here on the PoliceReports.US website and will need to be requested directly from our department.
Please contact us at 715-839-4984 if after searching this site you are unable to locate your specific report.

For best results:

  • IF YOU KNOW THE REPORT NUMBER, enter it here and leave all other search fields blank.
    For example: Case number 05-1234 must be entered as 2005-01234 for a total of ten characters, including the hyphen.
  • TO LOCATE A REPORT BY THE DATE, enter the date using this format:
    For example: 11/15/11 or 3/4/11
  • TO LOCATE A REPORT BY THE NAME, enter the person's last name. You can enter the first name or Initial to limit the search.
    For example: Whitley, Sarah ( Do not use periods)
  • TO LOCATE A REPORT BY THE LOCATION, enter the street name (DO NOT USE PERIODS). If you are looking for a report of an accident that occurred at an intersection, enter one street name. You may also enter a partial name and see all reports that contain those letters.
    For example: jet will show you all reports from Jetton Rd.
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